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Serving Youth & Families Since 1880
Serving Youth & Families Since 1880


Executive Team


  • Peggy B. Harris, President and C.E.O - (View Bio)
  • Ada Griffin, VP of Development - (View Bio)
  • LeRoy Hackenberg, VP of Finance - (View Bio)
  • Aaron Mickens, VP of Operations - (View Bio)
  • Dr. Charlene Hill-Coleman, Vice President of Human Resources - (View Bio)
  • Fedrecia Reid, EdD, Director of Foster Care, Behavioral Health and Integrated Services - (View Bio)

  • Pat Baker, Manager of Clinical Services
  • Stephanie Clark, Director of Drug & Alcohol, Education and Transition Services
  • MaryJo McCarrick, Director of the Family Partnership Program
  • Kristin Walker, Manager of the Center for Excellence
  • Courtney Wilkins, Director of Residential Services


Management Team


  • MaryJo McCarrick, Director of Community Services
  • Courtney Wilkins, Director of Educational, Residential and Transitional Services
  • Patrick Baker, Residential Clinical Supervisor
  • Ryan Epps, Facility Supervisor
  • Tonia Green, Educational Specialist
  • Thea Harper, Accountant
  • Robert Moore, Drug & Alcohol Specialist
  • Tiffany Pitts, Residential Supervisor
  • Myra Powell, Case Management Specialist
  • Madeline Sample, Human Resources Training Specialist
  • Dolores Thrower, Residential Supervisor
  • Simone Vecchio, Residential Supervisor




    • Steve Davis, Records Management
    • Anna Hosler, Administrative Support Specialist
    • Brandi Peele, Human Resource Assistant
    • Heather Tate, Executive Assistant