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Serving Youth & Families Since 1880
Serving Youth & Families Since 1880

How We Make A Difference

Our Programs Include:

*Family Partnership Program: Our Family Partnership Program is both a non-crisis and intensive family preservation program that preserves and strengthens family unity by serving families who are at-risk for having one or more children placed out-of-home due to abuse, neglect, truancy, substance abuse or severe parent/child conflict.

*Foster Care Program: Three Rivers Youth’s Foster Care Program serves child-welfare youth 0-21 years old who have been removed from their homes. These youth have a history of neglect, abuse, truancy and often behavioral and substance abuse issues. Our program utilizes nurturing, caring and supportive foster parents to provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for our foster youth.

*Drug & Alcohol Diversion: Three Rivers Youth's Diversion Program targets youth (6th to 12th grade) who violate the school drug policies on school grounds or at school sponsored events.  The Diversion Program is designed to support academic achievement by keeping youth in school and teaching them skills that will support a drug-free lifestyle while removing barriers to success.

*Drug & Alcohol Prevention: TRY offers quality prevention services to youth, adults, and families throughout Allegheny County to reduce early initiation of substance abuse and increase decision-making skills. The services are within the community and School setting. Services include: Drug and Alcohol Pre-screenings and Referrals, Individual sessions, and Follow-ups, Small Groups, Classroom Presentations, Alternative Activities, & ATOD Information Dissemination

*Drug & Alcohol Intervention services are offered to groups to address risky behaviors associated with substance abuse. Individuals receive supportive services related to accessing intervention and treatment. Outreach efforts heighten awareness of substance abuse and risk factors.

*Drug & Alcohol Treatment: TRY is licensed to provide D/A Outpatient treatment services. The services include drug and alcohol Level of Care Assessments, Out-patient and Intensive Out-patient treatment through individual and group counseling. The sessions are confidential, culturally sensitive and intended for the under-served and high priority populations.

*Drug & Alcohol Case Management & ACT 53: TRY provides drug and alcohol assessments and referrals to individuals referred by Adult Probation/Parole at the Community Resource Centers and Drug and Alcohol Assessments and referrals to adolescents as ordered by the court.