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Serving Youth & Families Since 1880
Serving Youth & Families Since 1880

How We Make A Difference

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Three Rivers Youth uses best practices and evidence-based strategies to deliver trauma-informed care and services to troubled youth and their families in communities throughout Allegheny County, and beyond. Following are just a few of the services that TRY’s professional staff and welcoming facilities provide.

  • • Residential group homes with 24 hour care and supervision.
  • • Clinical assessment and individualized treatment.
  • • Individual, group, and family therapy.
  • • Specialized tutoring and educational services.
  • • Life skills assessment and activities.
  • • Aftercare and follow-up.
  • • Crisis counseling, emergency support and referrals for runaway and homeless youth

Three Rivers Youth continuously responds to the challenges of at risk youth and families in innovative ways that produce meaningful outcomes to fuel and maintain strong youth and families. Common throughout our work is a focus on educational and career advancement for all youth. Three Rivers Youth is committed to integrated efforts that benefit youth and have community-wide impact.

Measuring Success

In order to insure continuous quality services are delivered to every youth client and the most positive disposition possible is achieved at the conclusion of service, Three Rivers Youth measures success in five key areas.
A measure of the family status of each youth upon discharge, i.e. whether youth return to their families, or transportation to some other stable setting, such as kinship care, adoption, foster care, or independent living.
A measure of progress in emotional, behavioral, wellbeing as determinded by pre-service and post-service clinical assessments.
A measure of educational achievement as determined by school attendance, and performance, grade promotion, high school graduation, and college enrollment.
A measure of skill development as determined by pre-service assessments.
A measure of the condition of each client's living environment (free from abuse and neglect).